Surprise in Anacortes

Am loving Anacortes these days! Today I stopped in at The Bead Store.

You know how something suddenly catches your eye? Peering down into the case, I saw a string of green translucent briolettes.  Prehnite, with rutilations.

See the dark lines in the stones? Those are the rutilations. I’m a sucker for these markings.  So organic: so plant-like. 

The romantic version is that they are cupid’s arrows, or sometimes Venus’ hair. I just like the way they look!

Then - bonus! - among the turquoise I noticed two strands of pure robin’s egg blue. I looked up at Margaret, who runs the shop. She nodded. “That’s Sleeping Beauty.”

Have you heard of this mine in Arizona? It gave a bright, distinctive turquoise. And since it’s now closed to mining, the value of this turquoise has risen dramatically.  

I put the strands next to the prehnite - and knew I wanted to work with them. Energetically and visually, they’re glorious together. Call it muse, call it inspiration: it happened.

ROCK-eting Toward July

Yikes! Four weeks to prepare for our Chimera Gallery show that opens on July 8, 2017. 

I will be showing with Maxine and Debbie of Island Fibers, so Maxine and I met to plan. We sat down across from each other. "I haven't started." she said. Relief!  "I haven't either!"

We three need to get to work.