*30 IN 30* Day 29

Walked in my studio at 9pm to see all of my wax gear strewn around. The hot plate with wax, the ironing station, the newspaper stack for putting wax on, the newspaper stack for taking wax off, the multiple paint piles. Why fight it?  I worked with wax and paint. 

The last two days I started with linen and darker colors, so today I started with a scrap of beige cotton sewn to a piece of white hemp/silk.


Here is one section. There are a few pieces of fabric tacked on, but it's mostly layers of wax and paint.

Thought I'd add some stitching, but at a certain point I kept my head together and realized - nope, better stop. So here is my favorite section.

Am asking myself, how can I incorporate my free-motion figure stitching with these wax/paint techniques?


Day 29

Hemp/silk, cotton, silk, wax, prints, paint.

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