*30 IN 30* Day 5

There is an appeal about these simple stitched figures (see my Day 4 post). Left alone on a field of whole cloth, the eye can focus on the line quality and the gestures of the model.

My question: Is there a way to incorporate these figures in a larger, more complex piece?  And, is there a way to add a back story?

Today I started to check that out. 


Weird, right?

I like it.

You're seeing the grey stabilizer that I put on the back of the linen for the free-motion stitching. Two thread colors and different thread thicknesses gives this loose, unpredictable line quality.  I especially like it in conjunction with the more refined 'fron't side.


Day 5

Reclaimed linen, stabilizer, polyester & cotton thread, monoprinting, oil stick.