*30 IN 30* Day 4

No need to decide what to do today. I'm participating in a 3-hour figure drawing session. We have a male model today, and about 12 of us are set up on tables around him. I'm the only one with a sewing machine. I try to go in with a stack of blank fabrics and no pre-conceptions.  Sometimes my sketches work, sometimes they don't. Mostly it's about the practice.

Today I have a delightful addition: repurposed linen. I have prepared 4 different sizes, all with different stabilizers on the back.  I'm experimenting. Two are permanently attached, one is intended to be tear-away and one isn't, but I'm going to try to tear it away anyway.


Mmmm, new thread.

My go-to: Gutermann. Love the colors, the different types. Left to right: viscose, polyester, 3 cotton quilting threads.

My linen is a deep green. I switch to a larger needle (size 14), and try the thick flaxen thread (second from the left, above) and am thrilled with the line. Because the bobbin thread I'm using is very fine in comparison, the back of the pieces have a nubbly, organic sense. It works beautifully with the stabilizer.  This one isn't meant to be torn off, but I do anyway.

Here is the figure I decide to use for Day 4, with his top half showing the "front" side, and his bottom half showing the "back" side of the linen, with the torn stabilizer.


Which do you like best, front or back?


Finished the figure drawing session inspired by the poses and by my experiments. But that's enough for today! Standing Male will be my post.

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DAy 4

Reclaimed linen, polyester thread, free-motion stitching.