*30 IN 30* Day 2

What a mess in the studio! I'm determined not to over-extend today. First I clean up - fast.

Then I look at the what I (over) attempted yesterday. Funny, how walking away give perspective.  What was left after I tore off those thousands of little bits of paper isn't all that bad, if it's just the basis of something else.  So that's what I did. Started with that image, and added on.

I remember how much I enjoy doing prints with thermofax screens! Choosing an image from the ones that I have made, the sound of the screen, mixing colors, pressing the color through the screen. Personal fav: using the metallic gold as a top layer.

Today's session has done what I had hoped; loose experimentation, delighting in materials and processes.

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Day 2

Cotton, silk gauze, synthetic gauze, tear-away stabilizer, thermofax prints, block prints, paint, free-motion stitching.