*30 IN 30* Day 26


Today I did a tiny sketch to specifically test these 5 questions!

  1. Will this new black stabilizer make a good field for high contrast black-on-light? I found: It has to be cut around, not torn. It doesn't maintain its' integrity after being sewn, and has to be ironed. When it is ironed, the glue dots are released, which means it isn't as visually interesting. This is a 'maybe'.
  2. Can I attach the black stabilizer to the front so that it stabilizes the linen, but still be selectively removed? This stabilizer can be ironed on, but that won't help, because then I couldn't peel it back off. So I tried basting with the machine. This worked, but was time-consuming to remove. Big hand-basting stitches worked the best. Done.
  3. Can I use one stabilizer instead of two? Yes! This did act as a good surface stabilizer for the thin linen, which meant I didn't need a second one on the back.
  4. How do I transfer an image to black stabilizer prior to stitching? I am hoping to develop more complex pieces, which means I may need to outline images, rather than work from the eye as I do with the simple ones. Here I tried sketching the image on thin trace paper and tying that to the top of the black stabilizer, then sewing through all three layers (linen, stabilizer, and trace paper with the image). It worked...BUT then I had to peel off the trace paper.  Yuck. Still need to figure out a better way.
  5. Finally...even the low-key photos I'm taking have learning moments. See the pics below.

Because of the high contrast between the black stabilizer and the light-colored linen, I could not get the iPhone to pick up the green in the linen.

Version 2 (2).jpg


After much fussing around, realized that if I pull 'way back from the image, the camera picks up the green.

You can see that this was a sleeve on a linen shirt :)

And there's actually a sixth question.

Is the 30 IN 30 helping?

Yes! Look at this little sketch, and how much I learned from it that can be applied to larger, more complex work. Definitely advancing my technical skills.


Day 26

Reclaimed linen, stabilizer, free-motion stitching.

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