*30 IN 30* Day 23

The way that I am treating this 30in30 challenge is not about producing solid finished work. It's about exploring. So in that vein, I'm showing what comes out of each day, whether I 'like it' or not. Normally, this would be joining the cast-off pile. 

I started by deciding to reverse the blocking on another piece that had worked out. It was white-no-black. So I was working toward black-on-white. Several small decisions on my part made for a technically difficult and time-consuming yet visually unsatisfying result.   

Version 2 (1).jpg

Day 23

Cotton, synthetic sheer, stabilizer, free-motion stitching.

Here is something interesting! This image showed up in my IG feed this morning. Innovative and riveting. And a good reminder of why I keep trying...