*30 IN 39* Day 21

There are events that inspire a joyous response - and ones that you wish had not happened. Today there was no question about what was on my mind.

I didn't know Steve well in the traditional sense. But on top of my CD player is a gold disk with "Stever Lamere" scrawled across the top. It is a compilation he made years ago (as in: years. Back when we listened to music on CD's.) It is one of my studio-starter disks. These are the ones that I play when I first get in the studio to work. They set the mood, activate my studio response, get me in the mindset. Music compilations give a unique view into a person's psyche. I've shared a lot of time with Steve's mood, the day he put those tunes together.

Small comfort, but a real one, to know that thanks to recording, I can continue to connect to him whenever I push play.


Day 21

Paper, ink, silk, cotton, free-motion quilting.