*30 IN 30* Day 16

Ha, I thought it was difficult to do a piece every day while at home - try it while traveling! We went to Vancouver BC, just a quick trip overnight.

Did we realize it was Chinese New Year? No! But the New Year Lions found us TWICE. Once at the Granville Market, and once at Dynasty, a fabulous Dim Sum restaurant. The lions pulled out the stops during brunch, stopping at individual tables and driving the 2017 evil spirits far, far away. Here's a shot of a diner making an offering to the lion.  We wished we had prepared red envelopes of cash to bless 2018! 




After traveling home, I hit the studio for a short session before bed. What could be more compelling that a vibrant, LOUD lion for inspiration?


Day 16

Reclaimed fabric, silk, prints, free-motion stitching.

See my Instagram account for a video (with SOUND) of the lions dancing: @janscilipoti.fiber