A Shared Journey...

In August, I traveled to the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC with 20 other people. We camped on a beach and shared breakfasts and dinners together.


It was a magical time. On my first day, friends took me for a walk to a nearby beach, where we followed tracks of four pedators: wolf, cougar, and bear.

Version 2.jpg

What?! TRASH?

And had all-too-frequent encounters with trash, big and small. Incongruous and disturbing.


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Summer Moon Scriver, photographer and fellow Chimera Gallery artist, was with us. By chance - or maybe not by chance - she and I were scheduled for a joint show starting October 13, 2018. Sitting on the beach together, we decided to base our work on our shared journey.

Summer Moon Scriver, carving a bowl.

Summer Moon Scriver, carving a bowl.

Me, just sitting!

Me, just sitting!

We came home inspired, dismayed, and focused on responding to our time spent with the horizon, the sky, and companions.


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